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Awesome Bachelorette Party Club!‎ By kimbcruz - Dec 14, 2019

A bunch of us went to this male strip club when we were in NYC for my girlfriends bachelorette party and it was sooo much fun. We really werent expecting much, but the male strippers were hot, and it was just a great time! I would advise deff checking it out especially for bachelorett parties, they brought my girlfriend on stage and it was hilarious. Love IT!!!! Deff get the hot seat if you have a bride to be or a birthday girl. Youll have Lots of fun. I wish we could post a picture here of our group with these male exotic dancers.‎

Very Nice Show By Emilie - Feb 24, 2019

I went to this male strip club in NYC for my daughter s birthday and I had a blast. The male strippers were drop dead gorgeous and surprisingly sweet. I never thought I could have so much fun watching male exotic dancers at my age, but I had the time of my life. Just wanted to write this to thank all the guys that made my daughter s birthday unforgettable

I recommend!‎ By Fran - Jan 30, 2019

Ok, I have to say, I promised myself I would NOT go to one of these shows when I went to NYC for a bachelorette party. And here I am, writing a friggin' review about it... and giving it 5 stars none the less. Basically, I'm not the "strip club" type. I don't want wang bouncing in my face no matter how hot these guys are. However, that is exactly what I loved about this male strip club. It was really tasteful. The drinks were fine, no complaints. The servers are shirtless and give you a little grind when they bring you your drinks if you like that sort of thing :) The show is extremely entertaining in a funny N Sync dancing sort of way. For those of you who are weirded out by banana hammocks, have no fear... it's really not that bad. Hot girls, just understand you will not be picked or touched the entire performance. Pretty much the only girls who got action were either over 180 lbs, over 60 years old, or with a bachelorette party. All in all, I think this should be MANDATORY for a good time in AC! I would definately experience this fantastic experience again! :)

Great Male Strip Club of Male Strippers... By Alyssa - Nov 22, 2018

Im not really a fan of male strippers or male strip clubs for that matter, but this NYC male revue place is great; the male strippers in NYC are all gorgeous and there are so many types: black male strippers, white, asian, latin male strippers (we counted at least 30 of them) ...the decor was also great, the male strip club NYC is a little small for the amount of women they put in there, but we were on the main floor in the vip section, we had like the best seats. The male review show itself was great, very high energy, there are like 3 stages within the strip club and the male dancers are simultaneously dancing on all 3 stages at the same time, doing the same choreographed routine, it was really cool to watch... No matter where you decide to sit, the show is always pretty close to you...All in all it was a great male strip show and a great time and it was worth it! I do recommend it to anyone celebrating a bachelorette party, birthday party or a girls night out...

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